How to Register for Free Wifi on the London Tube?

Free wifi on London Tube

Did you know you can’t get mobile signal – that’s voice or data – in most of the London Underground? Unlike other big cities such as Paris or Berlin, London’s famous Tube still doesn’t offer full coverage. But it does offer something else. Free WiFi!

And your UK Pre-Paid SIM Card lets you access this free London Underground WiFi. Good news, as you can now travel point to point across this huge (and sometimes confusing) city without dropping off the grid. There are, however, a few steps required to access it.

Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Register your Three UK phone number

  1. Arrive in the UK and activate your UK Pre-Paid SIM Card post-arrival.
  2. Keep the large outer part of your SIM card handy.
  3. Go to
  4. Click on Register at the top.
  5. Input the number for your UK mobile service.
  6. Finish the registration process. You’ll need the 6-digit number on large outer part of your SIM.
  7. Log in to your new account.
  8. Choose the Phone & plan option.
  9. Look in the left menu for Free WiFi on London Underground.
  10. Follow the registration instructions. (You will need to set a password for WiFi access).

How to Register for Free Wifi on the London Tube?

Step 2: Activate free Wifi while on the London Underground

  1. Enter a Tube station.
  2. Activate WiFi on your phone.
  3. Search for Virgin Media WiFi and connect.
  4. Open your phone’s browser. The Virgin Media page should open automatically.
  5. On that page, go to Other providers and choose Three.
  6. Enter your Three phone number and the password you chose above.
  7. Tap Register.
  8. You’re all done.

Your phone or tablet will log your details, so you’ll automatically connect next time you’re at a participating Underground station. And now you’re set to the ride the rails underneath London without being disconnected.

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