4 Ways to Stay Connected To Family When Travelling to the UK

You’ve booked your flights, packed your bags and you’re all set on your way.  But how do you stay connected to family and friends back home?

There’s a few different ways to stay connected when you travel to the UK.

Airport Wi-Fi

Being stuck in airport lines or delayed flights is not fun.  According to Skycanner.net, 71% of international travelers consider free Wi-Fi at airports either important or extremely important.

Fortunately, many UK airports offer free Wi-Fi, and for good reason: many travelers rely solely on Wi-Fi when they travel, and airport delays make for unhappy passengers.  Free airport Wi-Fi helps bored passengers take their mind off their delay.

There’s free W-Fi throughout the terminal at London Heathrow airport. Connect to “_Heathrow Wi-Fi” and follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll receive free Wi-Fi for the duration of your stay at the airport. There’s also free computer desks with broadband access in every terminal at Heathrow, operated by a company called Arqiva.

Wi-Fi in Cafes, shops and hotels

Although there’s increasingly more free Wi-Fi spots in Australian public places, you’ll find a much greater choice of free Wi-Fi in London and the UK. Timeout London offers a map of London’s best free Wi-Fi.

There’s still lots of Wi-Fi that isn’t free, and for that, consider buying a pass from BT Wi-Fi, which gives you access to thousands of paid Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK – a 30 day pass costs £39 (about $65AUD).  Another alternative is a Wi-Fi pass from Boingo, with the benefit being access to free Wi-Fi in some hotels where Boingo is a roaming partner.

Local prepaid sim card with data

Getting a prepaid local sim card is always the best way to stay connected no matter what country you’re travelling to. Whether you’re out and about at London Bridge, on a double decker bus, or visiting nearby towns such as Cambridge and Oxford you’ll always be connected.

You can buy a local UK sim card before you leave Australia from UK Prepaid Sim Card and you will get the benefit of 12 GB of high speed 4G data, 300 minutes of calls, 3,000 texts, and a local UK phone number you can give to your hotel, airlines, tour operator, as well as family and friends.

When your plane lands in the UK, just turn on your phone and you’ll be instantly connected and ready to share your experience on Facebook and Instagram, or message family and friends through Whatsapp and Viber.  And best of all, if you’re also travelling to Europe, the UK Prepaid Sim Card works in 34 European countries.