How To Check If Your Mobile Phone is Compatible With Using a UK Pre-paid Sim Card?

Are you a savvy traveler heading to the UK and Europe who wants to keep using your phone just like how you would at home?  If so, then you should consider buying a UK pre-paid SIM card.

The benefits are clear: maintain a steady constant connection with high speed data, a local UK phone number that people can call you at and the freedom to use the SIM card in 34 European countries.

But is your mobile phone compatible?  That is the important question to answer.

What does it mean to have a compatible phone?

Different countries use different radio frequencies for their mobile networks. Many years ago, it was difficult to seamlessly connect when travelling to a different country, because older mobile phones operated on only a few frequencies (usually only those for the country in which they were purchased).

But today most mobile phones operate on a wide range of frequencies, meaning they are truly “global” phones.

Is my phone compatible?

All unlocked iPhones are fully compatible with the UK pre-paid SIM cards from us. iPhone users can relax knowing their UK pre-paid SIM card will work as soon as their plane lands in the UK.

Almost all other recent unlocked smartphone models are fully compatible with a UK pre-paid SIM card and by “recent models” we mean phones that are less than about three years old (if your phone is older, it might still be compatible).

The UK pre-paid SIM card operates on 3G 2100MHz and 4G/LTE 800 MHz and 1800MHz.  Does this sound confusing?  Not to worry, because the people at WillMyPhoneWork have a dedicated search feature to check if your phone is compatible.  Just head over to that website, select the brand of your phone, then the United Kingdom from the country list, and then select “3” from the carriers list.  You’ll immediately see if your phone is compatible with the UK pre-paid SIM card.

Yay! My phone is compatible!

Awesome!  You’ve now opened the door to using a Europe sim card.  You won’t have to worry anymore about expensive international roaming, and you’ll have the freedom to use your phone just like how you use it in Australia.
The UK pre-paid SIM card gives you a generous 12GB allowance of high speed data as well as minutes and texts. You’ll also be able to use your SIM card in 34 European countries including France, Italy, Ireland and Spain (but you’ll have to first activate the SIM card in your phone in the UK to be able to use it in Europe).

Note that your phone must be both network unlocked and technically compatible to be able to use the UK phone sim card. Find out more about how to unlock your phone or to check if it’s already unlocked.

Still have a question regarding your phone compatibility or the UK Pre-paid Sim Card? Post a comment below!

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