France SIM Card

French Sim Card

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Our UK Prepaid SIM Card



Price reduction! Thanks to the strong $AUD -v- £GBP, we've reduced the cost to $37.95 for a limited time. In stock - next day dispatch.

Product description: The UK Phone SIM Card comes with 30GB of high speed data (of which you can use 9GB in Europe), 40,000 minutes of calls to UK numbers and 40,000 texts to UK mobiles. All to use for 30 days from activation.

Uk Prepaid	SIM Card

What’s included in your French Pre-Paid SIM card

  • 9GB of 3G speeds across France and more than 30 other European countries
  • 40,000 minutes of calling from France to local France landline and France mobile numbers as well as UK landlines and UK mobiles (this includes calling other people using our Spanish Pre-Paid SIM card)
  • 40,000 texts from France to local Spain mobiles as well as UK mobiles (this includes texting other people using our Spanish Pre-Paid SIM card)
  • Your French Pre-Paid SIM card comes with a local UK mobile number (not a French mobile number)
  • Receiving calls and texts is always FREE: However, the people back home will still pay the cost of an international call or text
  • If you’re also travelling elsewhere in Europe or to the UK, you can continue to use your French SIM card without interruption
  • 30 days of usage from the date of your activation. If you are staying longer you can recharge for another 30 days

What’s not included in your French Pre-Paid SIM card

Benefits of a French SIM card

Your new SIM card will work right across France, the UK and Europe. But what does this really mean? It means you can check-in on social media when you clear customs at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. It means when you take a photo of the Eiffel Tower, or the unbelievable blue of the Mediterranean from the cliffs of the French Riviera, or even your first glass of cellar-door bubbly in Champagne itself, you can send it for all your friends to see.

It means you can use your phone to book tickets to the Moulin Rouge or organise yourself a table at the world’s best seafood restaurants in Biarritz, or even get your ski pass to the snows of Chamonix-Mont Blanc.

Right across France and also across Europe - Poland to Portugal, Ireland to Italy, Bulgaria to Belgium – your French SIM card will give your phone full 3G data speeds. Stay connected at great rates with the French SIM card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. You won’t be able to hotspot your phone when you’re in France or Europe (this means you won’t be able to share the data to connect your iPad, Tablet or laptop). Also, you cannot use our French SIM card in an iPad, Tablet or hotspot device. For that you will need a data SIM. View our data SIM card page for more. Attempting to use your phone SIM card in an iPad, Tablet or hotspot device will cause it to become void without refund. The data speed your phone SIM card can access in France and Europe is limited to 3G only.
  • When you're in France, it costs £1.40/min to call an Australian landline or mobile (which includes Australian mobiles roaming in France) and you’ll need to add extra credit. We recommend you use an online messaging app, such as Viber or WhatsApp, to call Australia as this only uses data from your French SIM card plan.
  • When you're in France, it costs £0.016 to text an Australian mobile (which includes Australian mobiles roaming in France) and you’ll need to add extra credit. We recommend you use an online messaging app, such as Viber or WhatsApp, to text Australian mobiles as this only uses data from your French SIM card plan.
  • You must wait until you receive your SIM before you can purchase a recharge voucher via our website. Full recharge details will arrive with your France SIM, but you can also read more about how to add extra credit on your SIM card here.
  • Your new French SIM card will self-activate within minutes once it is placed in your phone and it connects to the mobile network in France. You don't need use a computer or take any special steps. Full details and instructions will come with your card when it arrives.

Make the most of your Pre-Paid Sim Card in France

As the country in everyone’s Top 10 destinations, France truly lives up to its popularity. From the chic boulevards and amazing cultural sites of Paris, to the warm, sunny beaches of the Riviera, up to the Alps for some skiing, into the hills and lowlands for the world’s best wine, cheese and food. France is a whole world of travel in one glorious country.

First, the capital: Paris. It is one of the world’s most famous cities, and France revolves around its largest metropolis (population 12 million). You need at least a week to ‘do’ Paris properly. With its many open squares, gardens, alleyways and grand avenues, Paris is a city best experienced on foot. It is not uncommon for a day in the City of Light to involve more than 15km of walking! However, in a single long circuit you can experience the Champs Elysée, Notre-Dame Cathedral,

Sacré-Coeur, the Arc de Triomphe, the Catacombs, the Seine, the Eiffel Tower and even the Louvre (which is worth a day’s wandering all to itself). In Paris, comfortable yet smart shoes are a must.

Across Paris, and many other large French cities, you can often find free wi-fi hotspots too. The connection is usually only 256 kb/s and limited to sessions of 30 minutes at a time. Still, that is enough to handle most casual mobile internet use. When searching for a network, look for one with ‘gratuit’ in the name – that’s French for ‘free’.

It’s also handy to know a few other basic French words too. As in most countries, the people deeply appreciate a traveler who has taken the time to learn the local language. This goes double in France. No one will expect you to be fluent, but attempting to speak French is a mark of politeness and respect.

Opening a conversation with a single ‘bonjour monsieur’ in poor French will likely be replied to with a friendly ‘hello to you too’ in excellent English. Try English first and you might not even get an answer. Most of the supposed hauteur of French people comes from this simple misunderstanding.

Last, use your basic French to greet shopkeepers when you enter their premises and say goodbye (au revoir) or thank you (merci) when you leave. Just another local custom to smooth your way.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in France and make the most of your French SIM card.


^ IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT USING YOUR SIM CARD IN THE INCLUDED 34 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: If you use the UK SIM Card exclusively in any of the included 34 European countries for two or more consecutive months, then Three UK may permanently cancel your sim card without refund: the UK Phone SIM Card is intended for primary use in the UK. Calls and text to landline and mobile numbers when in the included 34 European countries costs extra. Data speeds when roaming in the included 34 European countries will be limited to 3G only, and hotspot will not work.