German SIM Card

German Sim Card

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Data & texts in 34 countries at no extra cost
Best value phone sim car for the UK & Europe

Our UK Prepaid SIM Card



Price reduction! Thanks to the strong $AUD -v- £GBP, we've reduced the cost to $37.95 for a limited time. In stock - next day dispatch.

Product description: The UK Phone SIM Card comes with 30GB of high speed data (of which you can use 9GB in Europe), 40,000 minutes of calls to UK numbers and 40,000 texts to UK mobiles. All to use for 30 days from activation.

Uk Prepaid	SIM Card

What’s included with your Pre-Paid German SIM card

  • 9GB of 3G speeds across Germany and more than 30 other European countries
  • 40,000 minutes of calling from Germany to local Germany landline and Germany mobile numbers as well as UK landlines and UK mobiles (this includes calling other people using our Spanish Pre-Paid SIM card)
  • 40,000 texts from Germany to local Germany mobiles as well as UK mobiles (this includes texting other people using our Spanish Pre-Paid SIM card)
  • Receiving calls and texts is always FREE: However, the people back home will still pay the cost of an international call or text
  • 30 days of usage from the date of your activation. If you are staying longer you can recharge for another 30 days

What’s not included in your German Pre-Paid SIM card

Benefits of a German SIM card

Your new SIM card will work right across Germany, the UK and Europe. But what does this really mean? It means you can check-in on social media when you clear customs at Frankfurt Airport – far and away Germany’s largest international hub. From there, the whole country is just a quick (and very fast) trip down the famous autobahns. By the afternoon, you could be clinking beer steins at Oktoberfest on a video chat with your friends back home. If that’s not your style, maybe you’d rather wander Berlin discovering and learning about its famous street art as you go. Or perhaps you’re keeping an eye on the weather as you prep for a hike in Germany’s famous alpine countryside.

Right across Germany and also across Europe - Poland to Portugal, Ireland to Israel, Bulgaria to Belgium – your SIM card will give your phone full 3G data speeds. Stay connected at great rates in Europe with the German SIM card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. You cannot use the hotspot feature on your phone as it is disabled by the network. Also , you cannot use our phone SIM cards in an iPad, tablet or hotspot device. For that you will need a data SIM. View our data SIM card page for more. Attempting to use your phone SIM card in an iPad, tablet or hotspot device will cause it to become void without refund. The data speed your phone SIM card can access in Germany and Europe is limited to 3G only.
  • When you're in our European coverage area, it costs £1.40/min to call an Australian landline or mobile. We recommend you use an online messaging app, such as Viber or WhatsApp, to call Australia as this only uses data.
  • When you're in Spain, it costs £0.016 to text an Australian mobile (which includes Australian mobiles roaming in Spain) and you’ll need to add extra credit. We recommend you use an online messaging app, such as Viber or WhatsApp, to text Australian mobiles as this only uses data from your German SIM card plan.
  • You must wait until you receive your SIM before you can purchase a recharge voucher via our website. Full recharge details will arrive with your SIM, but you can also read more about how to add extra credit on your SIM card here.
  • Your new German SIM card will self-activate within minutes once it is placed in your phone and it connects to the mobile network in Spain. You don't need use a computer or take any special steps. Full details and instructions will come with your card when it arrives.

Make the most of your Pre-Paid Sim Card in Germany

Germany is the cross-roads of Europe. Culturally, economically, historically and socially, it leads the way. However, most don’t know that Germany as a country has only existed since the late 19th Century. Throughout the next 100 years, the country lurched through a series of man-made disasters. It was a literally divisive time. Following reunification and into the 21st Century, it has grown into one of the world’s strongest, fairest, wealthiest and most progressive democracies.

With more than 80 million people, Germany is the most populous country wholly in Europe. Unsurprisingly, this also means there are large regional differences within the country. It all starts in the capital, Berlin, where bohemian culture and the relics of the past coexist in a vibrant balance. Travel east to the port and university city of Hamburg and you’ll come across elegant canals and wild nightlife. In the spick and span south-west you’ll find Stuttgart – home to the astonishing

Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums (plus some great wine).

Bavaria deserves its own section. Almost a country within a country, Germany’s south-easternmost state is a little different than elsewhere. It is also home of Oktoberfest, fairytale castles, brass bands and lederhosen. As for Germany’s most famous food and drink – sausages and beer – every region has its own specialties. The safest opinion a traveler can give is that they are all equally good.

As a world leader in engineering and technological excellence, it is no surprise that German internet connectivity and speed is superb. Unfortunately, an unusual law makes the owner of a wi-fi network legally responsible of the activities of the users. As a result, businesses are wary of providing free public wi-fi. It’s an unpopular law and many Germans seek to circumvent it by setting up free volunteer networks using Swiss networks. Find those if you can. Curiously, protestant churches are often your most reliable bet for free wi-fi. It’s fair to say that despite excellent internet infrastructure, Germany is one country where having your own phone and data SIM cards really pays off.


^ IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT USING YOUR SIM CARD IN THE INCLUDED 34 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: If you use the UK SIM Card exclusively in any of the included 34 European countries for two or more consecutive months, then Three UK may permanently cancel your sim card without refund: the UK Phone SIM Card is intended for primary use in the UK. Calls and text to landline and mobile numbers when in the included 34 European countries costs extra. Data speeds when roaming in the included 34 European countries will be limited to 3G only, and hotspot will not work.