Italy SIM Card

Italian Sim Card

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Our UK Prepaid SIM Card



Price reduction! Thanks to the strong $AUD -v- £GBP, we've reduced the cost to $37.95 for a limited time. In stock - next day dispatch.

Product description: The UK Phone SIM Card comes with 30GB of high speed data (of which you can use 9GB in Europe), 40,000 minutes of calls to UK numbers and 40,000 texts to UK mobiles. All to use for 30 days from activation.

Uk Prepaid	SIM Card

What’s included with your Pre-Paid Italy SIM card

  • 9GB of 3G speeds across Italy and more than 30 other European countries
  • 40,000 minutes of calling from Italy to local Italy landline and Italy mobile numbers as well as UK landlines and UK mobiles (this includes calling other people using our Spanish Pre-Paid SIM card)
  • 40,000 texts from Italy to local Italy mobiles as well as UK mobiles (this includes texting other people using our Spanish Pre-Paid SIM card)
  • Receiving calls and texts is always FREE: However, the people back home will still pay the cost of an international call or text.
  • 30 days of usage from the date of your activation. If you are staying longer you can recharge for another 30 days

What’s not included in your Italian Pre-Paid SIM card

Benefits of a Italian SIM card

Your new SIM card will work right across Italy, the UK and Europe. But what does this really mean? It means giving your loved ones a video tour of buildings still in use since the Roman empire. Or taking a picture of your dinner in Naples – the birthplace of pizza – to reap the social media likes. Or maybe you want to share a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa where you are doing the classic “push” pose. Perhaps you want to stay in touch with mum as you whizz down the slopes in the gorgeous Italian Alps. Then again you might not even hear or feel your phone ring when the Formula 1 Ferraris scream past at Monza.

Right across Italy and also across Europe - Poland to Portugal, Ireland to Israel, Bulgaria to Belgium – your phone SIM card will give your phone full 3G data speeds. Stay connected at great rates in Europe with the Italy SIM card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. You cannot use the hotspot feature on your phone as it is disabled by the network. Also , you cannot use our phone SIM cards in an iPad, tablet or hotspot device. For that you will need a data SIM. View our data SIM card page for more. Attempting to use your phone SIM card in an iPad, tablet or hotspot device will cause it to become void without refund. The data speed your phone SIM card can access in Italy and Europe is limited to 3G only.
  • When you're in our European coverage area, it costs £1.40/min to call an Australian landline or mobile. We recommend you use an online messaging app, such as Viber or WhatsApp, to call Australia as this only uses data.
  • When you're in our European coverage area, it costs £0.016/text to text an Australian mobile. We recommend you use an online messaging app, such as Viber or WhatsApp, to text Australia as this only uses data from your plan.
  • You must wait until you receive your SIM before you can purchase a recharge voucher via our website. Full recharge details will arrive with your SIM, but you can also read more about how to add extra credit on your SIM card here.
  • Your new SIM card will self-activate within minutes once it is placed in your phone and it connects to the mobile network in Italy. You don't need use a computer or take any special steps. Full details and instructions will come with your card when it arrives.

Make the most of your Pre-Paid Sim Card in Italy

Italy is the cradle of Western Civilisation. This is where it all began. Go to Rome and those are literally the same streets and buildings in which senators debated, centurions marched and gladiators fought at the height of the Roman Empire over 1,500 years ago. Modern, digitally connected Italian life continues nonchalantly against this matchless historical backdrop.

Nowhere in the world has so many museums stuffed with so many masterpieces – more are discovered every day. It seems every construction project in Italy soon turns into an archaeological treasure hunt. Especially in Florence, where, among thousands of other artists, Da Vinci painted in his studio while Michaelangelo was down the street chipping away at David. As you wander the streets and galleries, you will definitely want connectivity just to look up each new wonder.

Aside from history, Italy has so much more to offer. The shopping in Milan is among the world’s best – it’s one of the global hubs for the great fashion designers. Further south in this mountainous country, the hills plunge ruggedly into spectacular seaside views. Yet further south, the temperatures climb, making coastal Italy one of Europe’s best beach getaways. And then there’s Venice – possibly the world’s single most romantic place.

When you go to Italy, you might even end up in another country. Italy borders three of the world’s smallest countries and there are almost no checkpoints when you cross. To the west it shares a border with the miniscule Monaco. Tiny San Marino occupies a few mountaintops in the country’s northeast. The Vatican City’s is even smaller: it’s international border spans just a few city blocks in central Rome.

There’s so much to see, it goes without saying you’ll want to stay connected. Unfortunately, it is hard to say much about Italy’s free internet services other than they vary. While big inroads have been made in terms of free public wi-fi, open networks can be hard to find and are usually time limited. Another thing to note is that Italy’s internet speeds are slow compared to other European countries. Perhaps it’s because of the difficulty of upgrading digital infrastructure in a place where you unearth priceless historical artefacts every time you put a shovel in the ground. Having mobile data gets around both problems.


^ IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT USING YOUR SIM CARD IN THE INCLUDED 34 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: If you use the UK SIM Card exclusively in any of the included 34 European countries for two or more consecutive months, then Three UK may permanently cancel your sim card without refund: the UK Phone SIM Card is intended for primary use in the UK. Calls and text to landline and mobile numbers when in the included 34 European countries costs extra. Data speeds when roaming in the included 34 European countries will be limited to 3G only, and hotspot will not work.