Spain SIM Card

Spanish Sim Card

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Our UK Prepaid SIM Card



Price reduction! Thanks to the strong $AUD -v- £GBP, we've reduced the cost to $37.95 for a limited time. In stock - next day dispatch.

Product description: The UK Phone SIM Card comes with 30GB of high speed data (of which you can use 9GB in Europe), 40,000 minutes of calls to UK numbers and 40,000 texts to UK mobiles. All to use for 30 days from activation.

Uk Prepaid	SIM Card

What’s included with your Pre-Paid Spain SIM card

  • 9GB of 3G speeds across Spain and more than 30 other European countries
  • 40,000 minutes of calling from Spain to local Spain landline and Spain mobile numbers as well as UK landlines and UK mobiles (this includes calling other people using our Spanish Pre-Paid SIM card)
  • 40,000 texts from Spain to local Spain mobiles as well as UK mobiles (this includes texting other people using our Spanish Pre-Paid SIM card)
  • Your Spanish Pre-Paid SIM card comes with a local UK mobile number (not a Spanish mobile number)
  • Receiving calls and texts is always FREE: However, the people back home will still pay the cost of an international call or text
  • If you’re also travelling elsewhere in Europe or to the UK, you can continue to use your Spanish SIM card without interruption
  • 30 days of usage from the date of your activation. If you are staying longer you can recharge for another 30 days

What’s not included in your Pre-Paid Spain SIM card

Benefits of a Spanish SIM Card

Your new SIM card will work right across Spain, the UK and Europe. But what does this really mean? It means you can check-in on social media just after your flight lands in Madrid, Barcelona or Majorca.

Staying connected also means making friends back home jealous as you send selfies from the beaches and party islands of the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Another benefit: you won’t get any more lost than you want to as you explore the charming labyrinth of streets in the hearts of Spain’s cities.

Check in as you walk through near-unrivalled cultural, architectural and historic richness. Pay a visit to the beautiful Alhambra in Grenada, Andalusia. Be amazed by the wondrously bizarre Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Experience the famous Spanish street life as you shop and wander down famous sunny boulevards. Or just sit back with a plate of olives and a bottle of wine for a shady, warm siesta in the country.

Right across Spain and also across Europe - Poland to Portugal, Ireland to Italy, Bulgaria to Belgium – your phone SIM card will give your phone full 3G data speeds. Stay connected at great rates with the Spain SIM card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. You won’t be able to hotspot your phone when you’re in Spain or Europe (this means you won’t be able to share the data to connect your iPad, Tablet or laptop). Also, you cannot use our Spanish SIM card in an iPad, Tablet or hotspot device. For that you will need a data SIM. View our data SIM card page for more. Attempting to use your phone SIM card in an iPad, Tablet or hotspot device will cause it to become void without refund. The data speed your phone SIM card can access in Spain and Europe is limited to 3G only.
  • When you're in Spain, it costs £1.40/min to call an Australian landline or mobile (which includes Australian mobiles roaming in Spain) and you’ll need to add extra credit. We recommend you use an online messaging app, such as Viber or WhatsApp, to call Australia as this only uses data from your Spanish SIM card plan.
  • When you're in Spain, it costs £0.016 to text an Australian mobile (which includes Australian mobiles roaming in Spain) and you’ll need to add extra credit. We recommend you use an online messaging app, such as Viber or WhatsApp, to text Australian mobiles as this only uses data from your Spanish SIM card plan.
  • You must wait until you receive your SIM before you can purchase a recharge voucher via our website. Full recharge details will arrive with your Spain SIM, but you can also read more about how to add extra credit on your SIM card here.
  • Your new Spanish SIM card will self-activate within minutes once it is placed in your phone and it connects to the mobile network in Spain. You don't need use a computer or take any special steps. Full details and instructions will come with your card when it arrives.

Make the most of your Pre-Paid Sim Card in Spain

It’s exotic, energetic, exciting and a feast for the eyes and senses. Spain sizzles. Maybe the most diverse of European destinations, the Spanish experience mixes the great outdoors, amazing nightlife, high-fashion shopping and a wealth of historical culture with some of the best food and wine anywhere. Topping it off is the classic golden holiday tan that’s so easy to get in a place where the sun is so warm, yet so gentle.

From the pounding dance clubs of Ibiza chic to the peaceful snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees. From Europe’s only desert in Almeria province to grand old cities and glittering urban sophistication. From the far-flung tourist mecca of the Canary Island to its almost unknown territories in Africa, Spain has just about everything – including friendly locals.

In more ways than one, Madrid is the heart of Spain. The biggest city with the busiest international airport, it is also the national and royal capital. Moreover, it is situated at the exact geographical centre of the country. An amazing city it offers almost the full Spanish experience ... except it’s 300km from the nearest beach!

That nearest beach is in the stunning city of Valencia. Famous as a place where avant-garde architecture sits among swaying palms and grand old buildings, it is the gateway to the Mediterranean. Or perhaps the gateway is Barcelona, a city offering even more than Madrid (somehow), another 300km up the coast. Why not just visit them all?

As for connectivity, some travelers report that wi-fi coverage across Spain is uneven. Some public places have great free wifi, others don’t have any wireless coverage whatsoever. The good news is most restaurants, cafes and hotels offer their network to paying customers. Otherwise, you can still find the odd free network – look for those whose names include the words ‘libre’ and ‘gratis’.

Which leads us to language. Though things are changing quickly, a lower proportion of the Spanish speak English than in most other advanced European countries. Further, as Spanish has had less influence on written English than, say, French or German, local signs are far harder to interpret. It really pays to learn some of the language before you go.

Do note that while most of Spain speaks a version of the language called Castilian, the tourist magnet east coast speaks Catalan (which is quite similar). Further, the northern areas have their own dialects. And then there’s Basque, a language which has no relationship to “Spanish” at all or, it seems, any other language in the world.


^ IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT USING YOUR SIM CARD IN THE INCLUDED 34 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: If you use the UK SIM Card exclusively in any of the included 34 European countries for two or more consecutive months, then Three UK may permanently cancel your sim card without refund: the UK Phone SIM Card is intended for primary use in the UK. Calls and text to landline and mobile numbers when in the included 34 European countries costs extra. Data speeds when roaming in the included 34 European countries will be limited to 3G only, and hotspot will not work.